Do Not Settle.

In my travels through the Boston and Cambridge area with a few friends, I learned a very valuable lesson through my love of tea.  

Do not settle. 


        While we were traveling through the town, I was becoming tired and impatient. We were not finding what we were looking for. We were on our feet for the majority of the day, ready to sit back before we continued on our journey. My friends did not mind so much where we rested, although I wanted to experience something else we do not see on our every day travels. I was in the mood to relax with a cup of tea, but wanted to find a nice tea place with a beautifully pleasing environment. I had been to many in New York City, and figured there had to be something similar in Boston.

      Starbucks is well and good, but they are easily accessed. We were on vacation, so I really wanted to experience something different with my fellow travel companions.  I knew there had to be a new tea place to explore and share a beautiful experience at. However, my impatience took over the moment. I settled for Starbucks, which you find everywhere on every corner of every street. It got the job done, but it’s not really what I envisioned. When we finally settled down, my friend accidentally knocked over the cup of tea I had been waiting patiently for. He said, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I’ll buy you a new one.” I said, “It’s okay, it wasn’t meant. Let’s keep moving and see what else we find.” Within 5 minutes of time, we came across a place called Tealuxe located in Cambridge.    For those of you wondering why I did not use a GPS, I did. The results did not pull Tealuxe up or any other kind of nice tea house for that matter!   It worked out better anyhow.

         The lesson of this blog is to not settle! The vision you have in your heart holds so much power. If your cup gets knocked over, do not cry over what was spilled. Rejoice for what is going to come. Let the spill take you on an adventure to what you truly want! The universe can sense what lights you up and what could be knocked over and replaced with something better. Do not fear what appears to be lost. You have your cup empty to receive. Just like the spilled tea, see your thoughts as frequently spilled out of the cup. Release thoughts of what should or should not be! This travel experience could also equate to seeing our lives as an adventure. Let the adventures begin!

      If you’re on your daily travels through the Cambridge area in Massachusetts, I highly recommend Tealuxe. This store is located at 0 Brattle Street in Harvard Square. They are next to Urban Outfitters. Hope you enjoy!


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Stop Masking the Truth.


Your biggest competitor is yourself. Why numb yourself with external influences that cause you succumb to a company’s demands of becoming richer? Why not invest the time to make yourself the best version of yourself you can possibly be as a human on this plane? FYI: These companies do not care about you. They care about THEIR profit. For Example: How does it feel to know that every pack of cigarettes you buy is killing you, yet making someone else richer all at the same time? What good did their product contribute to humanity? This is coming from the girl that had to fall down a flight of steps to see that it hurt.  I’m not knocking anyone else’s way of life by any means. However, being an advocate of health all of my life has lead me to see many truths that would make lives A LOT easier. I came to this party we call life to have an amazing time, not to sit here picking through complications that have been imposed by the external society.

People would rather make short cuts to their happiness. They want it, and they want it now. Nothing worthwhile was ever easy. Activities like yoga, meditation, martial arts, other forms of training and similar activities are not a quick fix. They give you an awareness to see situations as they truly are. They allow you to remove the blindfold if you choose to do so. Again, it will not happen overnight. We all have our ways of dealing with this dream. It is a beautiful dream, regardless of how you choose to work through it.

People taking the easier way out by using external products which are weakening their minds, and making the wrong companies stronger as a result can be frustrating on many different levels. These individuals start to feel the unhappiness within themselves. They know something is off in society, and try to escape instead of looking at the problem at the simplest level. It starts with a change of the self. In turn, people around them start to notice and become frustrated. It’s not a beneficial cycle because everything you do affects everyone else around you. It is important to always have compassion for anybody going through this. If he or she wanted to help themselves or knew better, they would do better. How is feeding into this kind of consumerism a beneficial exchange? It is like being in a relationship with someone who is only concerned about their well being and self interest. Once you realize this, you should run… fast! When you want the truth, it’s hard to go back. Using things like alcohol and other drugs to “numb your pain” will never solve the problem. I can understand if you use these things for recreation, with no attachment. However, if you would rather take a beating in the morning from a wicked hangover/drug use vs. using your pain to propel you forward with an activity like a work out at the gym, playing an instrument, getting better at whatever it is you love in life, or something else to get your frustrations out then that is your choice. Just remember, your life is made up of choices. We are where we are at in this moment based on previous choices. I ask you to choose wisely, since we don’t have much time to waste.

You’re only hurting yourself in the end by “numbing your pain.” Break your pain open and work with it. You cannot always have bright colors to work with in your painting. You cannot always have happy songs. Some of the best songs are beautifully depressing.  You need the darkness to create something beautiful. Recognize it is there instead of seeing it as something to be pushed under the rug. I encourage you to love the good, bad and ugly about yourself. I hope for all of humanity to search for the truth, so that we can help ourselves become the best possible version of ourselves that we can be, and in turn help others to do the same.

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There’s A lot More There Than What Meets The Eye

     Do you ever look at a piece of art and feel a sudden sense of calm, peace or stillness rush over you? It might inspire you to draw upon your own artistic expression and scream out loud or inside, “Forget this mind control, this is where I want to be. I want to be free.”

      Art forms of all kinds help to diminish the worries and frustrations of our day to day stress, and have the ability to put you in a zone that matters. This zone of peace and love connects us to our soul. Anything that delivers stress and tension is not a product of our true nature. Do you ever wonder what was going on through the artist’s mind that brought he or she such beautiful visions? What other connections and synchronicity were taking place in this artist’s life that were the cause of this beautiful piece in front of our eyes hundreds of years later? You’re recognizing this beauty, because this painting is reflecting that same beauty, abstract and God like nature within you. You begin to feel happiness on a soul level. Why? Your soul is an abstract expression that is already in a state of perfection. Expressions like art provide fertile soils for your soul to blossom on Earth. How many people do you know out there that say, “If it wasn’t for music or art, I do not know where I would be. If it wasn’t for performing, I do not know where I would be.” Even though I went to college and obtained a Biology degree, there was a part of me that needed to explore other areas of life before making any strong commitments to a life path of health and Biology.  This brought me on the path of drumming and spoken word art.

Without my profuse need to explore the realms of the soul, I would be bored until no end. I’d probably move just to move, find a job because it pays the bills, date around just because I was filling a void, and other things to this effect. Make a long story short, I would be unhappy and not understand the source of this unhappiness. None of the things I mentioned above satisfy or stimulate me to any degree. Without substance, or a taste of the soul, all is lost. We would resort to chaos and barbarism if we didn’t have these little taps on the shoulder that said, “hey, there’s something greater then what meets the eye!”I am one of those people that has to understand the undercurrents of all things. For example: Finances are important. We all know that, but why are they important? In other words, don’t just look at money and appreciate it for it’s surface value:  the fancy car, big house and diamond rings. Don’t just stop there, because there is more then what meets the eye. Sometimes you find people in life who will just be interested in the surface appearance. They see someone who dresses like a millionaire, and only speaks with this person because of their surface qualities, but dismiss someone who is dressed in rags. Little did they know, the person dressed in rags was the millionaire, and the person dressed in their best suit and tie was just putting on an act.

Sometimes we connect with other people through these art forms, and even in these instances, we are brought back to a state of remembering. Finally, we have met someone who understands. We now have another kindred soul to express ourselves to. We’ve discovered we are not alone in this. Don’t stop there. I advise to you keep plucking and tearing away. Once you meet one person who you are able to share this with, it will open other gateways and doors that allow you to see this inherent connection within everything and every person you cross paths with. It might not be as deep of a connection, but regardless, you will soon begin to see that the connection doesn’t stop there. We are all connected.  With art forms, you might feel like you are seeing a glimpse of the unknown, the intangible, and indescribable, which is not explored enough in this society. We need rules and order to function efficiently, I understand. However, we are now brought to this “you get what you see” type of mentality. It’s important to take a step back and recognize that with everything we see in life, there’s a little(a lot) more there than what meets the eye.

For example: When looking at a painting, you are seeing this artist’s blood, tears, grief, sorrow, passion, happiness, innermost workings,previous lovers, trials and tribulations all coming to light… without having known this person or speaking a word to each other. Music also has a very similar effect on us. We get the finished product but there are so many other undercurrents that go on before the finished product reaches your hands and eyes for you to enjoy. Let’s bring this kind of thinking to how we see people. Some people approach others  with the “you get what you see” type of mentality. It’s understandable on a lot of levels, especially for business. I get it. However, it always goes way beyond that.

Examples: There’s a the person that exudes tons of confidence, but really is dying inside. There’s the person who looks meek and mild, but will erupt like a volcano if angry.  There’s the person who never talks and appears dumb, but will blow your mind away with all of the knowledge he has. There’s the person who talks the talk… but doesn’t walk the walk. There’s the person who might be a great business person, but never took the time to develop compassion or altruism. There’s the person who looks so big, buff and mean, but really has a heart of gold. As you can see where I’m headed with this, there is a lot more than what meets the eye.

I used a painting as an example, because after all, we are only seeing the finished product. We are not talking to the person who painted it, however, he or she speaks to us in a way that surpasses regular human communication. Remember, when you talk to a person, 80% of communication is non-verbal. Don’t place too much stock in words. Just another way of saying, what you see and hear goes beyond that. Don’t limit your senses to what you see and hear, because there is way more out there. Art is put on this Earth to help us not get lost in the concrete logic of the world. We sometimes need little artifacts that can help us remember the divinity within ourselves. It’s that first taste of substance. Once you’ve had it, you can never go back. By recognizing the undercurrents of art and music, maybe it will encourage us to see life differently. I encourage you to look at people, and other aspects of this world like a piece of art (the good and the bad). Once you keep in mind that there is a lot more to what meets the eye, how do you find it changing your perspective?

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What An Avocado and Tea Drinking Taught Me About Sticking to My Guns.

Here’s a little tidbit about me to those who don’t know me: I could eat avocados every day and every way possible. Who ever thought this super packed fruit of nutritious awesomeness could teach me a life lesson?

The local super market charges $1.98, which I think is a bit overpriced for an avocado. I decided to take my shopping experience elsewhere, but came up empty handed. I was running late to my next appointment, so stopped at the Japanese restaurant to grab something healthy and fast to get me through the time. Before I left with my order, I asked how much an avocado by itself would be. The two men in the restaurant looked at each other and started speaking in Japanese. The sushi chef asked me, “How much do you want? A half or a whole?” My response, “a half will be fine.” About five minutes later, I was introduced with freshly sliced avocado, seaweed salad and crab prepared to go. His smile said, “it’s on us.” I felt much gratitude and joy from this experience. Not only did I get what I was looking for, I got it for free and some extra goodies on the side! Without patience for what I truly wanted and stood for, I would not have experienced this gift. On another note, they treated a loyal customer the way one should be treated. You all know this will be on the top of my list of places to visit. Without patience for what I truly wanted and stood for, I would not have experienced this lesson.

Lesson learned here was (or at least how I perceived it): Never settle for business you do not want. If you don’t like something as is, or if something is not at it’s best to you, do not settle with it. Think about bigger purchases. What if you saw _____  (Insert an object you know a lot about and love) that was priced too high, yet bought it anyway knowing that you could have knocked the price down some more? Wouldn’t you feel cheated? What if you knew you could get into a concert for free, yet paid $200 to see your favorite artist? Even though this small comparison came from a $1.98 avocado, it still shows the importance of sticking to your guns and seeking better if you are not satisfied. It’s not about being picky or difficult, it’s about honoring yourself and knowing what you deserve. Don’t settle for less, especially business that is less then you deserve.

Now onto tea drinking:

I entered the tea shop I frequently visit and stood in line waiting while the owner happily gabbed away with another guest.  I’m sure he could have politely excused the conversation and asked me right away how I could be assisted. I frequently eat and visit this place, so I would think it would be second nature to deliver great customer service to a loyal customer. As I’m just about to walk out of the door, the owner asks, “did you need anything?” I said, “No, I’ll be okay” and walked out. This brought me to stop in at another restaurant. I ask the man at the front if I could have a hot tea to go. He asked if I wanted it brewed, or if having the leaves would be okay. As I told him I preferred the leaves, he handed them to me and said, “don’t worry about it.”

Again, here was another incident where I wasn’t too happy with the customer service. When I say I eat and hang out at this tea shop often, I mean it. I understand we all have our off days, but every customer who walks into the door should be treated with the same respect. If someone else walks in while you’re having a grand conversation, regardless if they want the whole menu or just a cup of tea, give them the same time and attention. These people are the reason you are in business! Okay, it’s a cup of tea. I know, I get it.. not a big deal. However, what if this type of customer service transferred over into other areas of business? This type of customer service stinks, regardless of what kind of business it is!

Here are some of the lessons I pulled out of this:

#1     Be aware and pay attention to detail. If someone enters your shop and is  patiently waiting in line, they probably want your attention. Ask them how they are doing today. If you are in deep conversation, politely excuse yourself and ask the guest how they can be helped. Don’t just chat away with a friend until the customer is ready to walk out.

#2     If workers are not giving you the best customer service, leave. If they didn’t do anything to deserve a hefty tip, they don’t deserve your business, period.

#3 If you’re not satisfied, always remember, somewhere else will be happy to take care of you the way you deserve to be taken care of. Do not settle for less.

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Serving You a Taste of Some Health Motivation

How often do you hear people say they want to be healthy, but express how this kind of lifestyle is too costly? “It costs too much to be healthy”, “it takes too long to cook my own food”, and “I can’t gain weight by eating healthy all of the time.” If it costs too much to eat healthy, how do you have enough to buy a pack of cigarettes and/or 6 pack? How do you somehow manage to have enough for your bar fries and food, yet find it hard to go grocery shopping and cook for yourself? (If you have don’t have immediate access to a working stove, this does not apply to you. However, when there is a will, there is a way!)

Being healthy is an investment and like any investment, you need to go all in. You can’t have one foot in the water, and the other out. You’re wasting time and money by having this kind of indecisive attitude towards your well being. Before you can be the best at what you do in life, you need to put yourself first and make sure you are at your best! Depending on what you are looking for out of life, you need to be prepared to make a commitment to yourself to make this work.

Everything we put into our body creates the lens we see out of. Depending on what kind of life style you want to live and explore, your reality is being shaped by what you fuel it. If you want more positive experiences, try making the time and give your body the positive foods it deserves. If you constantly want to feel like you’re on a lower end of the spectrum, doing things in excess or not enough will bring that to you.

If you want to lose weight, make goals you set for yourself, get over an illness, or whatever the case may be – you need to be very consistent. It makes it difficult when you crave one kind of life style, yet sabotage your efforts with things like once a week binge drinking. It also doesn’t get you anywhere when you buy a gym membership, yet never use it or go once every week. You might be thinking, what’s the harm? Well, I’ll tell you.

You’re putting all of this time, effort and MONEY into creating a better you, but it gets sucked away the minute you act on decisions that are not helping you, but hurting you. I am not saying to not have that piece of cheese cake or have a glass of wine or two, I am stressing the importance of discipline. If you want to be the best, you need to give up whatever is weighing you down. If you find yourself eating tons of sugary foods, and drinking because, well, why not? I suggest you to take a look at where you are now and where you would like to see yourself in the future. Every decision you make leads you to where you are looking to be. If you are eating foods that are taking away from your life force, your decisions will not be as strong, thus creating a state of constant flux. Two things needed to achieve this are persistence and consistency. Without strong decision making skills, it may sometimes be hard to keep on a persistent note with yourself. See how this is all connected?

If you want to be more in control of your life, make clearer decisions and do what is for your highest good – put good food into your body! Instead of using a microwave, take the extra time to cook your food on the stove. Microwaves actually leach DNA from the food, making the food less nutritious. Personally, I would much rather make the time and find ways to sufficiently eat the best I can at all times. It also does not cost a lot to do this. You just need to make a trip to the grocery store, choose to stay in a few nights a week instead of partying it up, and of course, FIND a way.  If you own a business, teach a class, write music, perform in front of people.. you’re usually looking for consistency. What good is it if you performed well one night, but the other night “weren’t feeling it?” This brings me to another point. Learn to rise above your emotions,especially when it comes to food. So often we binge eat because we’re bored, sad or trying to get through whatever other emotion we’re experiencing, creating attachments to food.

Swim above the emotions, do not let them drown you. If you feel sad or upset about a current situation,  it doesn’t help your position much if you decide to go to the vodka open bar to forget about your problems. Take it from me, I’ve done it in the past! I’m writing this because I was one of those people who put a great amount of time and effort into myself, yet could not get stable footing on my decisions. As I’ve grown older, I am looking at where I am headed and ready to make a significant change. I have seen what works, and what does not. Like a business, you take stock of what works and what doesn’t for you. Same thought applies to the human body. If you do decide to lose control, it might be great for a one night. Depending on your goals, this will be a damper on the hard work you have put into yourself. I’m not trying to sound like a bore or rain on anyone’s parade. Amazing times are needed without a doubt. I would feel lost without all of the experiences I have had in the past. However, I’ve reached a point in my life where I’d rather work harder now, and play harder later. In order to witness all that life has to offer, you need to find a way to get there. Whatever your way happens to be, make sure you eat, live and breathe it!

In order to strive for the consistency in life you are looking for, you have to be able to suck it up and keep moving. Why? You made a promise to the most important person you could make a promise to: YOURSELF. When you put yourself first, you begin to see that the person who made you mad the other day, the bills you have to pay, and anything else that brings stress is minimal compared to you and your well being. Do not let anyone or anything take away your positive drive to better and enhance yourself. Don’t let anything bring you down. Being stressed isn’t going to pay your bills. A better, happier and healthier you is. The people who try to bring you down or situations that aggravate you also are not sending you money in the mail either. Now, if you can’t keep a promise to yourself, how do you expect anyone else to? How do you expect to create the relationships and reality you are dreaming of if you are constantly breaking promises to yourself? If you want to wake up at 5 am, do it. You told yourself you would. If you wanted to lose 5 lbs by the end of the month, do whatever it takes in a healthy and safe manner. If you want to cut out negative influences in your life, don’t hesitate to find the scissors.

Regardless of where you are in life, take a look around and make sure you are doing everything in your power to put your goals first and turn your dreams into a reality. Food and health is a great start, but regardless of even those things, most important of all is the state of the mind.

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Follow Your Dreams.

When you follow your dreams, you never know who you will be helping along the way. You would be surprised at the hope you can spark in those that feel hopeless.  When you go with your heart, you are also stirring up the hearts of others. I am inspired to write this post from a favorite artist of mine, and maybe yours too, Lana Del Rey. The music she has created makes you feel as if you’re connecting on a level that would not have been possible if she had not pursued her dreams.

It’s rare that you find an artist that can continue to deliver, song after song after song. As I was going through her catalog of music on YouTube, I was shocked by how beautifully amazing her music truly was (and still is). It caught my ears and heart in such a way that many of her songs became the sound track of my life for a period of time. It is something that I will always go back to, no matter how much time passes. I mention that because not all artists deliver albums that people can say they would re-visit time and time again.

Now, I wrote this post to explain the connections of everything. It shows how your actions really do have an impact on the world. Yes, you. I came to see how many producers, artists, fans and musicians have also been inspired by Lana’s music, causing them to get to work, heighten their vibration and share their piece of the puzzle that is interconnected with all that is.

Because I am also an inspired fan of Lana’s, I wanted to share my creativity and piece of the puzzle with you.  Lana went through with her dreams and exposed her never ending vessel of creativity, which is a gift to the world. Many producers hear this, and they are now given something to do in the studio. Fans listen, and not only have something to be uplifted to, but also play her music in the background as they work vigorously on their current project(s).

How often is it that many people have a song or album that has helped them through a rough spot in their life? It has helped them connect with people on so many different levels. There’s a feeling of understanding for each other when you are able to connect through the beauty of music. There’s that, “you understand me” feeling which takes away the illusion of being an islander. After all, we are all one. This is what happens when people stop accepting mediocrity and begin to follow their dreams.

Here’s another example:

           I was once walking down the hallway while I was still in college, and a girl looks up from where she is sitting and says, “Bauhaus!”  I had to stop and introduce myself. It turns out that this person was new to the school and was looking for people to connect with. It’s rare that you make some kind of connection just in passing. Usually this is done in social settings like a party, social outing or a bar.  If I had not worn this shirt that day, would the connection still have been made? Maybe. Maybe not. Here is an example of another artist’s creation bringing people together.  It takes away the feeling of being isolated from others. This is another important lesson to embrace in life: we are not in this alone.  So many people want their creativity and dreams to surface, but have a problem reaching out to others. It takes a union to make something happen.Get over the belief that you are a one man island, and stretch a hand out. When you’re being helped, you will later be in a position to lend a helping hand out to others as well.

           When you’re at weddings, or other celebrations, the energy of music is there to bring your celebration, and your own dance of life alive.  Movies that have intense fighting scenes or need sadness or happiness emphasized, require music in the scenes that show the circle of creativity in this world unfold before your eyes. How many times have you seen a movie and became introduced to other works of art or beautiful music, because of their appearance in someone else’s creation?!  How many artists have inspired other artists to bring their masterpieces to life for all to see?

I ask you to follow your dreams; because you never know what piece of the puzzle you will be filling. We are all here to spread creativity around like wild fire while we are here on this planet. How many times have you heard a song, viewed a beautiful piece of art, watched an uplifting move, watched a comedian or anything else of an artistic nature and thought, “Wow, I really needed that for my own sense of self renewal?”

Like the continuous flow of music formed from different notes, vibrations, choruses and bridges, let the same flow take place in your life. Music helps us to flow like water and be more fluid in our own lives. It keeps our creativity alive, and helps us to spontaneously paint our own lives in the process. Without it, there would be stagnation and little room for growth. Observe who or what inspires you. Is there something waiting to be discovered that will help you express your gifts to the world?

Tap into the energy of music. It will carry you places you never thought you would go. Let it bring your inspirations and dreams to life. Let it push you along where you are feeling stuck. Let it inspire you where you are feeling uninspired. Let it give you inspiration and confidence in yourself.  I feel most confident when music is blaring, while I am hitting pads to all sorts of Muay Thai combos. I feel most confident on the dance floor, where human form no longer matters. This is where you let something else speak for itself that words could never begin to explain. This is energy coming to the surface that surpasses all time and space. Something is being created in that moment as you continue to move along. It’s like giving birth to a baby. This is one of the most powerful forces in the world. If your heart is deeply embedded in this creation, anything is possible. The birth of something can move mountains if you allow it.

Everything comes to the surface when you’re doing what you love. You don’t care who is watching or what they think. By doing this and grasping this thought, you have gained one of the most important lessons of all: never care what others think. By harnessing this attitude and living life through the heart, you are inspiring others to take hold of the reigns of their own lives.   Many of these artists and musicians you are inspired by had to do the same thing. They had to get rid of anything or anyone who made them feel like they could not soar to the heavens and more. Why? Well, they followed the greatest lesson of all: Never mind what people THINK. I capitalize think, because thinking is all in the mind, which is just filled with perception and different lenses. When you go with the heart, however, you stir something else. You give room for other people to go with their hearts as well, and create something beautiful.

You give this life so much passion, beauty and creativity by following your dreams. You give this life something worth seeing from listening to the inner workings of the heart! Don’t get me wrong, the mind has its function; after all, we would not be living without a brain. Just know WHEN and HOW to use it. Use it for things like productivity, rather than over thinking or passing judgement. By allowing yourself to judge, you’re limiting your own creativity and really misusing the power of the human mind. It’s like driving a car to the corner store around the street when you could have just walked. It’s taking something for granted, really. In short, find whatever uproots your passion to help you follow your dreams. Get cracking; you could be in the process of helping lives.

Sidenote: Here are a few favorite videos of mine from Lana and people who have been inspired be her. Keep bringing beauty to the surface. Keep the flow going, let us continue to make beautiful moments on this Earth!!


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“Forget being perfect, Just Go Wild”

 Everyone has different cravings and needs, but when it comes to music, I seek something earth shattering. My past experience of attending concerts brings a few things to mind: crowd surfing, jumping in fire hydrants when everything is about to get heavy, dancing/headbanging/moving like it was my last day on this planet, and as a  result of that, feeling like you just wrestled with Medusa the previous night.

I wanted to get wild, I wanted to lose my mind.

Music was the only thing that gave me that complete liberation, and in return, I would do anything for that feeling. Music was a great teacher of sacrifice to me. It brought out my inner strength, and it told me to go on even if I did not want to anymore. It connected me to people that I would never have met if it wasn’t for music bringing us together.  There have been times when I’ve kicked bags in my Muay Thai class while listening to certain songs and thought to myself: “Come on, a little pain won’t hurt, see yourself kicking through the bag. Pain is impermanent, just like everything else in life.” Music gave me that push I needed to propel myself, go all out and let everything out of it’s cage.

Now, without the help of the performers, all of this I just described would not have lived through me the way it did. I see them as channels, helping people realize their interconnected nature with everything and everyone. These channels help people to see their unlimited nature as well. There’s so much going on that not many words could describe, so I’ll call it experiencing your vast, infinite self.  If they did not feel it necessary in themselves to go with their hearts, follow their dreams and lose themselves through their music, would the audience have lost themselves in the experience? Probably not. In my personal opinion, I feel like that’s what music is all about. It’s not about the money, it’s not about the fame. It’s not about how perfect or technical you are, or how awesome your drum solo was, or how great you could shred. It’s not about you, or how you look on stage to others. At the end of the day, how did this creation become something more than yourself? These people might not have known what would happen in the future. They might not have envisioned connecting millions of souls and hearts through their music.. but they did. Was it luck? Was it 10,000 hours of practice? Was it fate? Doesn’t matter, but it’s something to think about.

I bring this all up because I had a dream where I was talking about my opinion on drumming:

“Forget being perfect, just go wild.”

This is the material plane we are on. Some smash guitars, some break sticks over their heads. All of these instruments are material items. Go to town with your performance and set everything fire, literally. Stop worrying about what the audience is going to think in terms of the performance. Of course, I understand, music is based off of specific timing, notes and structure, but do not get lost in that! There is much more to it than that. Some people walk on stage as if they are controlling the experience, but this isn’t the case, the experience is actually living through them. From my experience, any show I have played in the past that I felt good about did not consist of me being ‘perfect.’ I was wild and taken into another zone. Forty five minutes could go by, and I wouldn’t stop if my hands bled. I wanted to go on.  Any time where I was hesitant or tried to make it better than what it already was, it felt like something was missing.  To find a balance between being a perfectionist, yet letting loose is tough.  To make matters simple, it comes down to dropping the ego and facing your fears. When you drop the ego, you connect with all that is.

The only way you can tune out the practical world of your mind that will only deliver to you what you already know  is to slip into something much greater than yourself…. the superconscious mind that we are all connected to!  Let it guide and live through you.


-Rat Scabies from The Damned setting his drums on fire.

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